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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Wednesday, October 8
Russia will grow bolder if Georgia does not get MAP

Analyst Nika Chitadze considers that Germany and France might change their positions towards Georgia getting a NATO Membership Action Plan, Akhali Taoba writes. Chitadze says Russia might grow bolder if Georgia does not receive a MAP. However he considers that the resumption of military conflict is less probable.

Speaking to News Agency MediaNews, Chitadze said that if Georgia does not get a MAP Russia might hit Georgia’s strategic infrastructure, damaging the railway and other elements. Consequently, realizing this, Germany and France might change their attitude towards Georgia receiving a MAP.

“I think the statement that Georgia is not ready for MAP was made when Russia started talking about gas prices in Europe. Georgia is undertaking new reforms and the positions of all NATO members are subject to change until December is upon us. If Georgia still does not get a MAP, Russia will grow bolder and will try to destroy Georgia’s infrastructure and strategic objects with the help of Abkhazians and Ossetians,” the analyst said.

Tbilisi bought weapons from Ukraine during conflict, says Putin

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has once more unsheathed his claws and directly accused Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko of selling arms to Georgia, Kviris Palitra reports. Putin has declared that Ukraine supplied Georgia with arms during the military conflict. The authorities in Kiev strongly deny the accusation. They suggest the Kremlin is seeking a reason to start a conflict in Ukraine, just as it did in Georgia in August.

Russia has already started issuing Russian passports to pro-Russian residents of Crimea. “Georgians have killed Russian soldiers with weapons bought from Ukraine,” Kremlin officials said. Putin is especially irritated by the fact that Ukraine supplied Georgia with an anti-aircraft rocket complex.

Kviris Palitra says that Putin is apparently unable to understand that no international sanctions have been imposed on Georgia which would prevent any country selling it weapons. Anti- Yushchenko forces in Ukraine will nevertheless try to use weapons sales to Georgia as a reason to overturn Yushchenko’s Government.

Ossetian marauders continue looting

Armed Ossetians are looting a stone processing facility and warehouses in the village of Tirdznisi in Gori region, Sakartvelos Respublika reports.

According to the head of the village, Temur Tetunashvili, Ossetians have several times come to the processing facility and warehouses with vehicles and tried to take away expensive equipment. They have already stolen two lorry loads of industrial equipment. The local administration and police have already informed EU observers and Commander of Peacekeeping Forces Marat Kulakhmetov about this.

Ossetians have also broken into the village of Ardzevi, the head of the village Guja Rcheulishvili says. Several armed people in masks broke into the house of the Kujoshvili family late at night and took money and jewellery. The family members said the robbers spoke Georgian with an Ossetian accent. Rcheulishvili said that Ossetians commit raid Georgian villages very frequently.