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Which do you trust more, Georgian TV or newspapers?

Wednesday, Octomber 8
“I don’t read newspapers. I work and I hardly have time to read anything. I watch TV more often, but I don’t trust it much”
Megi, student, 22

“I trust TV channels less than newspapers. TV tends to express only one position. The pressure on them is bigger than on the newspapers”.
Dato, lawyer, 38

“I don’t know. It is very difficult to work out who lies and who tells the truth. I think TV is more popular than newspapers. But for me a newspaper is more reliable source of information.”
Nana, teacher, 44

“I don’t trust any sources of information in Georgia, however I trust Georgian television more because it is live.”
na, student, 18

“I think Georgian newspapers are more reliable. After the closing of several TV channels and the cancellation of several programmes, I don’t believe there are any impartial TV stations left in Georgia.”
Maka, accountant 22

I trust Georgian newspapers more, because as far as I can see the way Georgian TV channels cover the news is very far from reflecting reality. That’s why I prefer print media.”
Tamta, student, 21

“I don’t think that there is a reliable media in Georgia now, everything is more or less controlled by the Government.”
Levan, sportsman, 27

“Newspapers are relatively reliable, they can still publish some pro-opposition material, TV is completely controlled by Saakashvili”
Robert, sales agent, 31

“I don’t trust the Georgian media at all, if I need some information I prefer to use foreign TV channels.”
Kote, student, 23