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Iran to enhance its role in the Caucasus

Thursday, October 9
Iran is preparing to become more actively involved in geological research and oil and gas exploration in the Caspian Sea. It has taken this decision to protect its sovereignty and enhance cooperation with other Caspian countries.

The Scientific Research Centre of the Iranian Mejlis, in its recent report on strategic reform, stated that the stability for Iran is dependent on several different factors. These are the future of neighbouring Iraq, civil war in that country and the prospect of it dividing up, the American presence in the Persian Gulf and other neighbouring Arab countries, confrontations between Sunni and Shia Muslims and pressure on oil producing countries, among others. The authors of the report think that all the recent development in all of these areas are actions targeted against Iran.

The report suggests that Iran should play a more significant role in Central Asia, the Caspian region and the Caucasus. It suggests that Iran should plan its strategic development so that it becomes one of the key players in the development of the surrounding area.

The strategic reform report was published to coincide with the Iranian Presidentís arrival in New York to participate in the UN General Assembly Session.