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Do you think all the foreign aid will bring more jobs to Georgia?

Thursday, Octomber 9
I hope so, if this aid is expended as it should be.
Zura, student, 22

I dont know. Today the most important thing is to spend foreign aid building new houses or rehabilitating them so people have some shelter.
Manana, nurse, 44

If this aid is distributed and used in a proper way, of course it can create new enterprises and therefore jobs. However, there are doubts this money will be used appropriately. Weve seen so many examples of this.
Giorgi, architect, 32

I dont think foreign financial aid will help create new jobs in Georgia, but at least it will help the people who are in need right now.
Nana, housewife, 55

I have not thought about this issue. It is hard to say whether it will help create more jobs or not. But I think anyway it will have positive consequences.
Ketevan, housewife, 50

If the money that Georgia receives is used and distributed wisely, it will of course somehow help to solve the problem of unemployment in Georgia. I will be happy if this happens.
Levan, economist, 35

I am sure it will not be spent for creating new jobs in Georgia. Georgian men are depressed because of the mass unemployment. Georgian men will not work in a restaurant as a waiter because of their mentality. Someone should care about them.
Rina, 69, pensioner

Georgia has received a lot of aid before, however we have not seen real results. So now I think things will be the same. I dont expect any changes.
Ana, 26, journalist

I dont think the aid was allocated to create more jobs, it is meant to help IDPs. I think foreign financial aid will make the general situation in the country a bit better.
Nino, 43, accountant