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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Friday, October 10
Moscow is sure that CIS sanctions against Sokhumi are senseless

Moscow is sure that “after the recognition of Abkhazia, CIS sanctions against Sokhumi have lost any sense,” Rezonansi reports.

“Taking into account the new reality, the sanctions once imposed on Abkhazia have completely lost their purpose. Two new states have appeared in the international arena – Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We are trying to focus the attention of CIS member states on this issue,” said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Denisov.

At the same time he said, “Russia is not going to impose its views on other CIS member states.”

“We of course realize the delicacy of the issue, that’s why we are not going to force our partners to take our position. We are sure that in time experience will persuade them to take the right decision,” said the Deputy Minister.

Problems of Georgian banks will be resolved soon

Georgian banks are having some problems, but they will be resolved in the next few weeks, Georgian Finance Minister Nika Gilauri said, 24 Saati writes.

“The situation in Georgian banks is not as it was at the beginning of the year. Some problems exist with credit resources and percentage rates; however it should be mentioned that a large amount of money flows into our banks. Companies, which transferred their money to foreign banks have realized that things are not going so well abroad either, and have redeposited in Georgian banks. This means that money which was withdrawn in August is returning to Georgia,” Gilauri said.

Gilauri said that despite its problems, the banking system did not fall apart. “After the Georgian banks have finished negotiations with donor organizations, the system will normalize. The world economic crisis will influence Georgia, but will have relatively less negative effect on us, than on other countries,” Gilauri said.

Gilauri said part of the money the country will receive from donors will go to the Georgian state budget, some will go to the Municipal Development Fund and the remainder will be spent on other projects.

Ossetian separatists are abolishing Georgian schools

Ossetian separatists are abolishing Georgian-language schools in the Akhalgori region, Sakartvelos Respublika reports. Studies will be held in the Russian and Ossetian languages only, with just two lessons a week devoted to the Georgian language.

Georgia has declared that soon the Russian occupiers will have to leave Akhalgori, and that they therefore will not be able to realize their plans.