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Do you believe the Border Police take bribes?

Friday, Octomber 10
“In previous times they used to take them, but I think that now legislation is good enough to rule out such cases.”
Diana, journalist, 25

“I think there is a very large possibility that they do, yes. There is a talk that the fight against corruption is successful, but I don't think we can eliminate corruption once and for all. It’s impossible.”
Nikusha, student, 22

“The recent case is a provocation by the authorities. Everyone sees that Burjanadze is a serious opponent of Saakashvili and they are trying to frighten her through her husband.”
Nana, housewife, 53

“I think all of this was staged to discredit Burjanadze, because she has spoken about the mistakes of our Government lately. I don’t believe that the Border Police are actually taking bribes.”
Rezo, 55, physicist

“I cannot believe anyone is brave enough to take bribes in our times, and also I think if one or two individuals take bribes, it still does not mean that the whole system is corrupt.”
Tina, 65, teacher

“It is hard for me to judge this. How can I be sure about anything? It is quite possible that Border Police employees take bribes, particularly when there is such an economic crisis in the country.”
Soso, 43, doctor

“I used to live in Batumi [Georgian town near Georgian-Turkish border] and I know that the border guards and customs workers were among the richest people in town. Now the situation has changed, I don’t think they take bribes any more.”
Koba, engineer, 48

“They have good salaries now, so there shouldn’t be a reason for them to take bribes.”
Vera, cook, 58

“No, I don’t think border guards at the lower levels take bribes, the corruption has moved to the upper level – to the Ministries.”
Levani, student, 22