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Do you think Russian troops will leave Akhalgori?

Monday, Octomber 13
“I think there is a small chance that the Russians will leave Akhalgori because international society is very concerned about Russia’s behaviour.”
Mari, student, 19

“Russian troops have already left some of our territory but this isn’t enough. Not only Akhalgori but Abkhazia and South Ossetia should be brought back into our jurisdiction.”
Kakha, lawyer, 26

“Russia won’t leave Akhalgori readily. This is the disadvantage of the Russian-Georgian war. We lost more of our territory than we had done before.”
Tata, economist, 35

“If the West keeps on pressing Russia, it will withdraw; if all it does is talk, the Russians will stay in Akhalgori and will try to take even more.”
Ivetta, vendor, 47

“The Russians will not withdraw from the occupied regions; they have gone too far, they will not pull back.”
Levani, builder, 43

“I think yes, according to the agreements they have no right to stay there, so I think Europe will make them pull back.”
Robert, teacher, 39

“Yes of course they have no right to be in Akhalgori, and of course they are violating the agreements, but I don’t think that the Russians care about rights and agreements, they do what they want.”
Giorgi, student, 22

“I think they will withdraw, sooner or later, but not only from Kodori and Akhalgori, but the whole of Georgia’s territory.”
Lamara, housewife, 50