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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Wednesday, October 15
Russians are banishing Abkhazians from Gali

The Russians are going to make Gali a military town, Sakartvelos Respublika reports. According to the representative of the Georgian administration in Gali, Tornike Kilanava, the Abkhaz militia and representatives of the so-called Abkhaz Defence Ministry and administration have been givenet an ultimatum to leave Gali, as Russian militia will be controlling the region.

Kilanava says that this occurrence will worsen the condition of the Georgian population in Gali, because Georgians might become the victims of Russian-Abkhaz conflict. “There have not been any serious incidents so far,” Kilanava said, “but considering Abkhaz are protesting against the Russian military, the situation might become more tense.”

Moscow is laundering money in Abkhazia

According to the Chairman of the temporary commission studying the August events, Paata Davitaia, Russia is going to invest USD 27 billion in Abkhazia for money laundering purposes, Sakartvelos Respublika writes. Speaking at a meeting with diplomats at the Georgian Parliament, Davitaia asked them to take heed of this.

Davitaia said that a partnership agreement has been signed between GarantBank, which operates on Abkhazian territory, and Russian Bank Zolotaya Korona. Under its terms, Russia will invest USD 27 billion in the Abkhazian banking system and thereby start laundering this money. Davitaia added that the tax inspection staff in Abkhazia have been dismissed in order to bring in Russian specialists.

Kaladze is not going into politics

As Zurab Noghaideli has re-entered politics, Kakha Kaladze has made a statement saying that he himself will now be the head of the Supervisory Board of Arsenal Development, Kviris Palitra reports. The statement added that the project undertaken by the company is continuing and work on creating a mini city has been unimpeded.

At a press briefing Kaladze commented on rumours that he is going into politics, saying that some people want him to become involved in politics but he does not have such plans.

The famous footballer was also asked about the possibility he might invest in KazTransGas Tbilisi. He stated that it has not yet been decided if he will invest in this company and this issue is under consideration. “Maybe I will buy this company but it is not decided yet. I have my own business in Kazakhstan,” Kaladze said.