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Are you happy with the service of Caucasus Online?

Wednesday, Octomber 15
The internet is very slow. I have to wait for a long time before I download files. It is very irritating, but as I know other providers cannot suggest a better speed. So I remain a customer of Caucasus Online.
Beka, sportsman, 23

Im not a customer of Caucasus Online but Im going to change my provider. It is too slow and when I work the low speed gives me serious problems.
Lela, accountant, 34

Im satisfied with the service of Caucasus Online. Although sometimes the speed is slow, the terms the company suggested to me were absolutely acceptable.
Tamari, dentist, 45

Its not perfect, but I know its the best provider we have here in Georgia.
Kote, secretary, 30

No, I dont like Caucasus, but what can I change it for? There are not many options in this sphere.
Keti, student, 23

I like Caucasus; its the most trustworthy provider in Georgia.
Temo, photographer, 36

I have been using Caucasus Online for two years already, and have never had any problems either with speed or the quality of the internet.
Marina, accountant, 24

I was having a lot of problems with the new Caucasus Online service Ge Link, because the internet would to go on and off every time and it used to make me so upset. Now, thank God, it is working fine.
Tengo, engineer, 29

I use the internet only at work, and as far as I know it works quite normally there. I have heard many complaints from my friends about the slow internet, but have not experienced any difficulties myself.
Natia, lawyer, 33