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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Thursday, October 16
State of Emergency to be lifted and law “On Occupied Territories” enacted

The adoption of the law “On Occupied Territories” has been delayed, Mteli Kvira reports, the deadline for the renewal of the State of Emergency being cited as a reason. Speaker of Parliament David Bakradze says that the two issues will be discussed together on October 17.

The law “On Occupied Territories” states that the territories in which Russian military forces are deployed and the Georgian Government is unable to exercise jurisdiction are occupied. The draft law was adopted after two hearings, but during the second hearing the adoption of the 6th article, which regulates business activities in the occupied territories, was delayed because it was not agreed.

“The deadline for lifting the State of Emergency is October 17, and that’s why it is necessary to hold a Parliamentary session. We should state what the situation in the country is and decide whether or not to prolong the State of Emergency. The draft law will be discussed on the basis of this decision. Limitations will be imposed on banking activities, major investments and railway, road, sea and air transportation in the breakaway regions,” says MP Pavle Kublashvili.

Government changes to be announced soon

The President will present a new Government to Parliament soon, 24 Saati reports. The Speaker of Parliament has confirmed that some changes of personnel and portfolio will occur, but did not go into details.

The reason for the changes is quite banal – the Government is going to be restructured, which means new ministries will be established and new ministers appointed. As a result about one third of the Cabinet of Ministers will be newly appointed, and in these circumstances the constitution obliges the President to present the new Government to Parliament.