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What do you expect from the Geneva talks?

Thursday, Octomber 16
“The most important things Georgia needs now are security and guarantees for this. I think the Geneva talks will be useful for us.”
ato, lawyer, 35

“I’m sure IDPs will be returned to their homes. They have gone through terrible stress and there must be something done to facilitate their return.”
Nana, housewife, 47

“International society seems very concerned with the fate of IDPs. It tries its best to get them back to their villages. I think the Geneva talks will end successfully for us.”
Keti, dancer, 24

“I don’t believe the Geneva talks will lead to any important decisions being made, they are just talks. Talk should be followed by action. It will be good if these negotiations are followed by some real actions.”
Anni, journalist, 24

“It is very important that international society is concerned about the situation in Georgia. I believe the Geneva talks will help us find a peaceful solution to our conflicts. At last all of this will be over and we will be able to live normally.”
Ia, teacher, 38

“I have stopped following political news. I do not care what the Geneva negotiations will bring Georgia, because I am fed up with the mess in our country.”
Irakli, lawyer, 25

“I don’t expect anything, nothing will happen in Geneva, as usual they will just talk but the people will remain in the same situation.”
Beka, IT specialist, 32

“Europe will not dare to oppose Russia seriously, so I don’t think Geneva will bring anything concrete to Georgia.”
Misha, bank employee, 37

“I hope that this will be the time when Europe will pass from words into sanctions.The most important thing that should be done now is to help refugees return to their homes.”
Keti, student, 23