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Iran-Azerbaijan railway corridor might cost USD 1 billion

Friday, October 17
The Chairman of the Azeri Coordination of Transport Committee, Chingiz Ismailov, has stated that to activate the Iran-Azerbaijan railway line approximately USD 500 million is needed. The route goes through mountainous regions and construction will be very difficult there. But to operate a South-North transport corridor at full capacity USD 500 million might not be enough. The existing railway tracks should be rehabilitated so that it is possible to transport more goods and extend the routes towards India and the southern port of Iran, Bandar Abbas. This would require approximately USD 1 billion.

Russia is enthusiastic about this project and thinks that the Azerbaijani Railway turnover on this route, currently 15 million tonnes, might double. According to the President of the Eurasian Logistic Association Nikolai Titukhin, more than 500 kilometres of railway tracks need modernization. Analysts think that the building of these railways and their efficient maintenance would greatly add to the efficiency of the North-South transport corridor. What is now transported by truck would then be transported by railway, much cheaper.