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Do you think the Hague decision is a “huge victory?”

Friday, Octomber 17
“Well, it is a success for Georgia but I can’t say that it is even a victory, let alone a huge victory.”
Maka, teacher, 32

“What do they call a huge victory? Did they win anything? Victory will be if the court punishes Russia for its aggression!”
Marina, housewife, 46

“I’m really tired of the “huge victories” that are announced every day. We have allegedly been winning since August 8, but somehow we’re in the worst situation since the early 90s.”
Malkhaz, cook, 30

“I don’t know what they mean by this, as I understood nothing concrete has been decided.”
Lamara, vendor, 56

“I wouldn’t call it a victory; however I think that it is still more or less beneficial for us.”
Giorgi, temporarily unemployed, 33

“It is a victory; every single step that is beneficial for Georgia and defends us from Russian aggression is a victory.”
Mariam, accountant, 25

“What victory are you talking about? They just said something to get rid of us, it changes nothing and it does not lead to any action.”
Temo, photographer, 29

“There’s a tendency for the Georgian Government to call everything said in the West about Georgia a victory. In fact the Hague court decision means nothing.”
Jaba, student, 21

“It can’t be a victory until something really begins to change. This decision didn’t oblige Russia to pay a contribution to the victims of ethnic cleansing or even to answer for it, so one can’t talk about a victory in this case.”
Keti, translator, 26