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A new wave of anti-Georgian hysteria unleashed

Monday, October 20
As is known, before Russia began its aggression this August different anti-Georgian steps had been taken by that country for several years. We saw economic, political and humanitarian attacks, including an embargo, the deportation of Georgians and a generally chauvinistic attitude toward Georgian nationals.

Since October 16 the Russian media has been telling people that an unknown organization under the name of ‘Georgian Patriots’ is planning to organize terrorist acts in Russia, and in Moscow in particular. Popular Russian newspaper Izvestia was the first to disseminate news about this ‘Georgian Patriots’ organization, suggesting that it may have been created after the August events and most probably consists of Georgian special services members. Izvestia claims to have information that terrorist acts by this shadowy organization are planned for St. Petersburg and Sochi.

We should remember that just before its assault on Chechnya at the end of 1999, Chechens were accused of several terrorist acts which mysteriously took place in Russia and the country became overwhelmed with anti-Chechen sentiments. These accusations were part of a mass brainwashing. Now it looks as if Russia is unleashing yet another round in its anti-Georgian campaign by making these statements through its media. They are designed to put more pressure on Georgians living in Russia, to force them to leave the country and return home, thus creating extra problems for Russia’s southern neighbour.

If any terrorist acts take place in Russia in the near future, Georgians will immediately be blamed without the cases even being investigated. Their alleged guilt might then be used to justify a repeat of the Russian aggression against Georgia, thus killing two birds with one stone. First it will get rid of the nasty EU observers, who might actually find out what Russia is doing and has done, and then it will allow Russia to complete its victory by taking Tbilisi, depriving Georgia of its independence once again.

The Kremlin can easily organize and carry out terrorist acts on its own territory and blame others, as it would be responsible for officially pronouncing guilt. There is a well-known Russian saying, “beat your own people so others will be scared,” and this has been done many times in different circumstances by Russian special services. The Kremlin also knows that the label “terrorist” is easily understood, and much feared, by Westerners. The Russian media, governed by the official Russian propaganda machine, actively speculates over these imaginary Georgian terrorists because Moscow is sure that the West will think twice before stopping it avenging “terrorist attacks” on its civilian population.

Georgian agency Media News is sure that the anti-Georgian media campaign has been plotted by one of the leaders of the Russian Federal Security Service, Colonel-General Yuri Gorbunov, and is targeted at damaging Georgia’s image and discrediting it in the eyes of the Western world, so that the overwhelming support it received during the Russian aggression will vanish. The Chair of the Georgian Parliament, David Bakradze, has called the Russian speculation dangerous, and expressed the hope that it won’t go beyond Muscovite journalistic fantasy.