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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Monday, October 20
Opposition says Saakashvili should resign

The opposition is planning to demand the President’s resignation once more at a rally planned for November 7th, Sakartvelos Respublika reports. One of the leaders of the Labour Party, Nestan Kirtadze, said that the details of the rally will be announced later, because consultations on this issue are still ongoing within the opposition parties.

According to Kirtadze, November 7th is the day of the union of the opposition and the Georgian nation. “Last year on November 7 Saakashvili’s regime dissolved a peaceful manifestation of opinion by using weapons banned by international laws. I, as a historian will write this event into the recent history of Georgia,” Kirtadze said.

“The opposition will hold this rally with the Georgian people. We think Saakashvili should resign, because since the November 7 events he has had neither the political nor moral right to be the President of Georgia,” Kirtadze added.

State of emergency extended till October 31

The State of Emergency in Georgia has been extended until October 31, Rezonansi reports. The adoption of the law “On Occupied Territories” has been delayed till next week, thus necessitating this step. International organizations working in Georgia wish to study the draft law, and this was cited as the reason for delaying the hearing.

“We should give the organisations a chance to meet the authors of the draft law and the possibility to see that the draft it not in conflict with the interests of the people living in those territories,” said David Bakradze, Speaker of the Georgian Parliament.

On previously extending the State of Emergency, the Parliament Speaker had expressed the hope that that would be the last extension. He said then that adopting the law “On Occupied Territories” would help regulate the judicial issues on the territories currently not controlled by the Georgian Government.

Imedi TV might be returned to Patarkatsishvili’s wife

A lot of rumours have been circulating about Imedi TV, Rezonansi writes. A year since Imedi TV was shut down, its previous owner Badri Patarkatsishvili and everything related to him are still subjects for discussion.

According to a reliable source from the Government, there is a chance that Imedi TV will be returned to Patarkatsishvili’s widow, but if this occurred it would be deprived of its broadcast frequency and licence. In private conversations representatives of the Parliamentary opposition have confirmed this information, but no one has chosen to make any official comment on this issue.

Why this issue has just resurfaced is unknown, as according to the same people, Imedi TV has quite usual ratings. Maybe the transfer will be effected because November 7 is coming, and a year after the crackdown on Imedi TV, the company is likely to make reports which are unpleasant for the Government.

According to unofficial information, the Deputy General Director of Imedi TV, Aleko Parulava, is already preparing representatives of the Government for the reports it might broadcast, and has asked them for a day’s serious broadcasting. It has also been said that one of the news editors of Imedi TV, Mate Kirvalidze, is resigning because he is aware of this.

Rezonansi says it has been trying to contact the General Director of Imedi TV or his deputy, but both of them have continually had their mobile phones turned off.