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Do you think that the threat of terrorism really exists in Georgia?

Monday, Octomber 20
“I think it is nonsense. Georgians aren’t terrorists. This is another anti-Georgian campaign planned by Russia. This plan worked with Chechnya but it will fail in Georgia because nobody will believe it”.
Dali, accountant, 58

“It is laughable to even think about it. Georgia will never become a terrorist country”.
Ana, student, 19

“Our country is very far from terrorism. Russia saw that the world supports us and decided to paste us with the label of terrorists.”
Giga, economist, 27

“No, that’s absurd; terrorism is the weapon of countries which have no other way to attain their goals. Georgia has the support of the international community.”
Davit, architect, 39

“The word ‘terrorism’ can’t be used in the case of Georgia. I don’t exclude that our special forces conduct some kind of provocations against Russian troops, but I would not call it terrorism.”
Valeri, photographer, 43

“It’s just Russian propaganda; Russians try to harm Georgia as much as they can.”
Vakhtang, hotel employee, 28

“What kind of terrorism are they talking about? If the word terrorism has some kind of connection with Georgia, Tbilisi will lose the support of Washington, so I don’t think our Government will ever let this happen.”
Kakha, student, 22

“Personally I was ready for a guerilla war if Russian hade stayed in Georgia, but only against Russian troops of course. I would not call this terrorism because it’s the defence of your country.”
Giorgi, sportsman, 25

“No never, it’s just disinformation from the Russian Government, they are accusing Georgia of every possible sin and presenting themselves as angels.”
Mari, nurse, 56