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Russia starts new military action in Caucasus

By Mzia Kupunia
Tuesday, October 21
Russian forces have begun an antiterrorist operation in Ingushetia, the Reuters news agency reported on Monday. This follows the shelling of a Russian military convoy in Ingushetia.

According to the Russian media two Russian soldiers died and five were wounded in the shelling of the convoy, the perpetrators of this having not been identified. However Reuters quoted an unnamed source from the local law enforcement body as saying that more than forty people were killed. The source said all the soldiers in the convoy except one, died.

Russian news agency RIA Novosti has reported that according to Yurii Turygin, the Prosecutor of the Ingush Republic, a group of more than twenty people attacked the convoy. The Ingush Interior Ministry did not specify the death toll. According to the Georgian media, Ingush opposition internet site has reported that explosions and shootings were heard in several regions of Ingushetia through the night, and Ingush territory was overrun by unknown military forces. Russian officials did not confirm this information. has also reported that a demonstration planned for Sunday, which was a protest against the nature of the investigation into the death of its owner Magomed Evloev, had been cancelled by the authorities. Reuters reported that the demonstration was canceled because the local government said it would “bring harm.”

During the day Russian soldiers checked vehicles on the Chechen border with Ingushetia, and according to residents of Mujichi, Russians have blocked off this village and are checking passports.