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Have you had problems with the internet recently?

Tuesday, Octomber 21
“I haven’t had any problems with the internet so far, it is working fine. It will be a great pity if the internet is cut off, I have got so much used to using it daily.”
Tamuna, interpreter, 23

“The night before the internet connection was very slow and then it went off completely, however in the morning, when I checked, it was working again.”
Giorgi, medicine student, 20

“The internet is working without any problems here. I have heard that the connection has been cut off in some areas of Tbilisi, but on Kazbegi Street everything is OK, at least for now.”
Natia, lawyer, 32

“My internet connection isn’t working now. I’m very annoyed about this; it creates obstacles for me in working and studying. I called my provider and they told me that the connection would be turned on soon, but still there is nothing”.
Salome, student, 20

“My internet works quite well. I don’t have any serious problems with it. I would be more content with the service if the speed was faster, but as I use the internet mainly for entertainment, it’s OK”
Irakli, student, 19

“Internet providers are very slow in Georgia, no matter whose subscriber you are. Sometimes I cannot download files at the office because of the low speed.”
Merabi, engineer, 43

“I have been using the internet for quite a long time and I have always been content with it. Some problems happen within the network, but that’s OK”.
Lika, housekeeper, 29

“I am quite satisfied with the work of the network as a whole. Even though it had been out of order for several days, it is working properly now.”
Ana, student, 21