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Will you go to the opposition rally on November 7?

Wednesday, Octomber 22
“I don’t know yet, probably I won’t, I’m tired of rallies and I don’t think that at such a difficult time, after all we’ve suffered, Georgia needs protest rallies.”
Ketino, waitress, 27

“Of course I will go. This Government has committed too many crimes and has to be changed. As a Georgian I can’t forgive Saakashvili for starting a new war.”
Merab, bank employee, 36

“I don’t think it will change anything, but if my friends go, I’ll join them.”
Giorgi, student, 21

“I will go to the opposition’s rally as I still hope that it might change something in our country.”
Goga, economist, 41

“Last night I watched on TV how opposition leaders provoked the people to join them. I will go to the rally, though I think that the only way of changing something is elections.”
Yuri, pensioner, 66

“I won’t join any kind of demonstration or rally as I think that they are not the way to change the political situation of the country. We have last year’s experience to show us this.”
Eka, student, 21

“I supported the opposition last year when they held the meetings in November, but lots of things have changed since then and I have lost faith in them.”
Nino, student, 20

“Unfortunately I can’t join the opposition’s rally as I can’t leave my small children alone, but if I were free I would naturally go. I think they really do have the best intentions for our country.”
Lali, doctor, 45

“I must confess that I’m not at all interested in politics. But I can’t forget the previous November, when Georgian people blocked Freedom Square asking for a better future. I was with them and I will still support not the opposition, but my people.”
Tata, pupil, 14