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Is it possible to get a good education in Georgia?

Thursday, Octomber 23
If you want to learn you can get an education anywhere, in Georgia, the US or in Zimbabwe.
Shota, pensioner, 67

Yes, of course. There are some universities that are very modern, with professional lecturers, such as ESM, CSB etc. My daughter studies at ESM and we are very satisfied with its level.
Maiko, housewife, 44

I dont think there are any institutions in Georgia where one can acquire really good knowledge, apart from special colleges and private universities which are quite expensive.
Teo, pupil, 16

The education system in Georgia is really out of order. I mean, its impossible to find a proper job after finishing any public school or graduating from any state university, as they only share theoretical not practical knowledge.
Nino, student, 23

I suppose it is possible to get a proper education not only in Georgia but in any part of the world, if you have good lecturers and use proper literature.
Tako, student, 21

I think that it is impossible to get a good education in Georgia even if the child has a great wish for one.
Luiza, economist, 45

To my mind, of course it is possible, if a person has the wish to get an education, but the greatest problem is being able to study.
Marina, teacher, 48

I really dont know, because it has been many years since anyone in my family has had an education, though I have heard that education in our country is valuable now.
Tsiala, food specialist, 50