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Compiled by Salome Modebadze
Friday, October 24
Latvia helps Georgia financially

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Maris Riekstins, has announced the readiness of Latvia to donate USD 700,000 for the postwar reconstruction of Georgia.

“These financial resources will be appointed to Georgia from the state budget,” noted the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the press conference.

According to information released by the European Commission, Georgia’s war-related economic losses have reached USD 3.25 billion.

The Labour Party expresses solidarity with MUG

The Labour Party has expresses its solidarity with members of the Movement for United Georgia and accused the Government of repression, Sakartvelos Respublika writes.

The Labour Party says it was astonished by the invasion of the Movement for United Georgia central office on October 20 by what it called “Saakashvili’s zonder-group.” The Labour Party says that the “new democratic wave” which was declared by Saakashvili is nothing more than a political farce, and that in reality he is carrying out a new wave of repression in the country.

The party flatly demands that the Movement for United Georgia, is given the opportunity to function normally.

Teachers in Kakheti not given their wages

Sakartvelos Respublika writes that 35 teachers from the Bakurtsikhe Agrarian-Industrial College have asked to be paid back wages from September, October, November and December 2006. According to information released by the Kakheti Information Centre, the teachers will hold meetings in front of the Kakheti Regional Administrational building to publicise their demand.

Kakheti Information Centre says that the college was financed from the local budget on the basis of a Gurjaani Municipality decision. The teachers had been promised that they would be paid off their unpaid wages of USD 12,659 many times before the elections, but this has not happened and the dispute is still a burning issue. Gurjaani Regional Court did not grant a suit once brought by the teachers, but this decision was overturned by the Tbilisi Appeal Court and the case sent back to Gurjaani Court for further consideration.

According to Aleksandre Imerlishvili, Gurjaani Deputy Municipality Administrator, the demand of the teachers is anomalous, as they entirely wasted the subsidy given by the council in 2006.

Kakheti attacked by AIDS

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that according to information released by Kakheti Information Centre the number of people infected with HIV has increased. Meri Kiknadze, Disease Control National Centre representative in Kakheti region, has confirmed this information.

According to the official database, 63 cases of people infected by HIV were registered in Kakheti region from January to September 2008. The figure was just 56 for the whole of 2007.