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Did you celebrate Tbilisoba?

Monday, Octomber 27
“Unfortunately I had neither the time nor the mood to celebrate the event, but perhaps I would have enjoyed walking in the city’s streets with my old friends.”
Dodona, teacher, 35

“I like this day very much, because I always celebrate it with my very close relatives. They all gather in my house; we drink wine, eat khinkali and enjoy the day off.”
Nino, student, 20

“Well I must say I had one of the wildest days of my life, as I walked around almost every part of Tbilisi with my friends. We enjoyed Georgian traditional cuisine, drank wine, then went to play billiards, and I must confess that when I woke up the next day, I felt as if I had been dreaming all the time, because I had been too exhausted the previous day, but still, it was cool.”
Tato, pupil, 15

“Of course I celebrated this great day with my close friends, we walked in the streets of the old part of our capital, we ate mtzvadi and drank really good wine.”
Mari, student, 19

“This is one of my favourite holidays, and as usual I celebrated it with my relatives and close friends of the family. Everybody came to our place and we had a great time together, we sang songs and drank wine made by my father.”
Nana, economist, 45

“Every year I have spent this date with my friends or family, and I have a great wish to continue this tradition, but I have a high temperature and can’t go outside or entertain guests.”
Manana, lawyer, 26

“I was with my friends. We didn’t go out but we enjoyed ourselves. I think it’s a good tradition to celebrate Tbilisoba but as I remember I always spend it with my friends.”
Nini, student, 19

“I don’t like such public holidays. There is always such fuss in the streets that I don’t like to go anywhere.”
Lela, housewife, 53

“I like Tbilisoba very much. Yesterday I was busy so I couldn’t go out and celebrate it but I watched it on TV. Though I liked it very much, still I think last year was more celebratory than this.”
Tamari, philologist, 40