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Italian Teatro Assemblea performs in Tbilisi

By Mzia Kupunia
Tuesday, October 28
The Marjanishvili Theatre hosted the Italian “Teatro Assemblea” on Friday. 13 actors from Turin performed the pantomime “Searching for Freedom in Everyday Life and in Heaven.” The play was a combination of “the art of Mediterranean story-telling and old carnival and folk traditions” from Italian culture, the actors explained.

The performance was more like a fairy tale due to its characters’ appearance and costumes. The contrast between the 4-metre high and standard height characters presented created a feeling of unreality, however the stories told by body language and music did reflect real life, its joys and hardships. The performance ended with a spontaneous joint dance by Georgian Pantomime theatre actors and their Italian colleagues. The audience members, impressed by this unusual show and its unusual ending, were full of emotions after the performance.

“I liked the performance so much, I was amazed by the costumes and makeup of the artists, and the music was also wonderful. And the final part was the best possible ending for the show. I am studying Italian language and literature at the university and I was very pleased to have a chance to attend an Italian performance,” Shorena Turkadze said.

Although Luka Chkheidze and his friends from the Georgian Pantomime Theatre were spectators on Friday evening at Marjanishvili Theatre, they still got to go on stage with the Italians. Ckheidze could not hide his pleasure after the performance.

“I was reminded of old Italian movies when I was watching the play, and most of all I liked the emotion coming from the actors. This was stronger and better expressed than in the plastic performances we see today. And of course, the ending was super,” Chkheidze said smiling.

The Italian festival in Georgia will last till October 30 and end with an Italian film at the Cinema House.