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Do you believe that the Georgian opposition is controlled by Foreign Special Forces?

Tuesday, Octomber 28
I dont think that the Georgian opposition is controlled by any foreign forces, because if this were so it would have been more powerful and active, and the November events would have had some different consequences. I believe they are real patriots of their country and want all the best for Georgia.
Gvantsa, student, 20

Well, I have no confidential information about their financial sources, but I believe they love their country and wont do their people any harm.
Lali doctor, 45

I was at the opposition rally in November 2007 and I absolutely believe in the positive intentions of these political parties. They dont seem to be controlled at all. But maybe thats just my private opinion. I cant say.
Laura, pensioner, 70

I think that some part of our opposition is of course controlled by foreigners, but mostly the opposition is directed by the dream of living in a really independent Georgia.
Ketevan, teacher, 43

To my mind there is no opposition in our country, all the parties are controlled by foreign forces or the Georgian Government, so there is no reason for competition.
Gigi, engineer, 52

I really dont believe that any of the Georgian opposition are controlled by someone, because in this case they would not be so devoted, and our Government would not have sharp arguments with them.
Nana, economist, 32