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What do you think about the new PM? Which Minister do you want to leave his or her post?

Thursday, Octomber 30
“To tell you the truth I haven’t watched his career or seen anything he has already done. I want to believe that he is a good person and will do everything he can for Georgia, but I think all the Ministers need to be changed.”
Tamari, teacher, 46

“To my mind the new Prime Minister is a very good politician, as it is partly thanks to him that we have a good relationship with Turkey, where he was Ambassador. I hope he will also be a good PM. I really like the Minister of Education, Gia Nodia, and want him to stay in his post.”
Gogi, lecturer, 56

“In my opinion he is too young for such a responsible post. And about the Ministers, I really do not know. I suppose that I wouldn’t like any of them to stay in post, they all are too young.”
Nanuli, economist, 79

“I haven’t any opinion about the new Prime Minister, I don’t know him yet. I don’t even know the Ministers that are in post now, they change at such speed that I can’t remember their names.”
Maria, economist, 45

“Well I think he’s an interesting person. Let’s see what he can do. Kakha Intskirveli would also be good for this position.”
Dato, student, 22

“Well I can say nothing about our new PM as I have no information about him, but I think all the Ministers should leave their posts.”
Mamuka, editor, 38

“To my mind ex-PM Lado Gurgenidze was quite experienced in the financial system, which was reflected by the investments coming into Georgia. As for the new PM I don’t think he’ll manage to keep his position only by having good relations with the authorities. He seems to be incompetent to me. As for the others, I think Kezerashvili and Merabishvili should be removed from their posts.”
Nino, manager, 26

Note: this QA was prepared before the new Cabinet of Ministers was presented.