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10 best companies rewarded for IT innovations

By Mzia Kupunia
Friday, October 31
The 10 most technologically innovative Government agencies and business received their awards at the first Georgian IT Innovation Award Ceremony at the Sheraton Metekhi Palace on Thursday. TBC Bank, the Civil Registry Agency, the Public Registry Agency, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Finance Ministry and Alta Computers Ltd. were among the winners. The jury included economic experts, members of the business and education communities and representatives of NGOs and the press and broadcast media.

The ceremony was the part of the International IT Innovation Conference held in Tbilisi on October 29-30. Business sector representatives, IT experts and NGOs from around 10 different countries attended the conference, initiated by the State Commission of E-Governance Development of Georgia.

The conference aimed to report on IT developments in Georgia, promote the significance of information technology as an engine for socio-economic development and build awareness of the importance of IT among high-level Government officials and private sector representatives and in wider society.

“Information technology could serve Georgia as an enabling tool to further reduce poverty and enhance education. Georgia has already entered in to the e-era, with a need for strategic support and impetus from various sectors. The IT sectors that need fostering are e-commerce, e-governance, e-services and e-learning, to name a few. We have to save time, money and effort, which can be utilized for the development of the nation in its present stage of transition to building a peaceful Georgia,” the official statement of the State Commission of E-Governance Development of Georgia reads.

“This award is very important for our organization, as it means the job we have done has been appreciated. The most important thing during these two days was that we were able to communicate with other organizations and share experiences with each other. We had a chance to get to know how the IT sphere is developing in our region,” award winner Zurab Magradze, the system architect of the Civil Registry UNDP Development Programme, said.