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Compiled by Salome Modebadze
Friday, October 31
Tkemaladze demands free advertising time

Zurab Tkemaladze, leader of opposition party Industry will save Georgia, is demanding free advertising time in which to broadcast pre election propaganda, 24 saati writes.

At yesterday’s press conference Tkemaladze stated that the Industrialists aren’t given time for free advertising while the other parties participating in elections have no such problem. “The other parties have been allocated particular amounts for election broadcasting from the budget, but our party hasn’t received anything yet. We have addressed the Central Election Commission and Supreme Election Commission on this issue, but without any result,” Tkemaladze noted.

Tkemaladze also added that if its demand is not satisfied and the party does not receive free political advertising time, the party will insist either on postponing or cancelling the elections.

Incident at Georgian Public Broadcaster

24 saati reports that the November 7 Movement has demanded that the Georgian Public Broadcaster broadcasts films about last year’s opposition crackdown made by independent studios, but this demand has not been satisfied. The Public Broadcaster responded by sending letters to members of the Movement, which said that under the channel’s internal regulations the films should first be seen by the Supervisory Board to make sure their quality is relevant to the existing standards of the channel.

The members of the Movement, displeased with this answer, insisted on meeting Levan Kubaneishvili, the Director-General of the channel. On being told that Kubaneishvili was busy but would be able to meet them the following week, members of the Movement tried to enter the GPB building but couldn’t overcome the guards’ resistance. A small incient between the guards and the protestors followed.

Jaba Jishkariani, a member of the Movement, has stated that it will still try its best to ensure the release of films about November 7 on the Public Broadcaster.

Sighnaghi residents can return

Following problems with a home rehabilitation process, people will now be restored to their houses in Sighnaghi, Sakartvelos Respublika writes.

Sighnaghi residents had reported that the roofs of their houses had been tiled but the supporting material wasn’t touched, and consequently the ceilings of some of the houses had fallen in. They had already addressed both the building company and the local Government about this several times, but residents of Rustaveli and Baratashvili streets were still living in danger of similar ceiling collapses until today.

According to information released by the Kakheti Information Centre, the Governor of the region, Giorgi Gviniashvili, obliged the building company to address all the problems immediately. Giorgi Sibashvili, Deputy Governor of Sighnaghi noted that the Kakheti Regional Administration would henceforth take control of the rehabilitation process.