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Who do you want to win the American election?

Friday, Octomber 31
“Bush is Republican, and during his Presidency Georgia got strong support from the USA, so I think McCain is better, if he continues the same policy towards Georgia as the existing President.”
Kakha, cameraman, 37

“It doesn’t matter, the USA doesn’t really care about Georgia; they only want us to be their servants. If the USA had really been interested in our country, the August would not have happened.”
Ramazi, driver, 52

“I want Obama to win; he is younger and seems to be more progressive than McCain.”
Dato, student, 23

“Of course McCain…Because I’m Georgian and I think about the political position he takes towards our country. Georgia’s safety is the most important for me.”
Avto, engineer, 29

“Why should I care about America and its elections? Let them choose whoever they wish! Let every one think about their own business!”
Tea, teacher, 34

“I do not have enough confidence when discussing issues like this but still I would choose McCain as he supports Georgian policy and hates Russia. He never hesitates to express his position clearly.”
Nino, student, 23

“Well I know almost nothing about American politics, but I support the candidate who will care about Georgia and its population and assist us politically as well as economically.”
Khatuna, doctor, 45

“I want Obama to win, because I love the blacks.”
Keti, student, 20

“McCain is a very serious politician, and most important for us, he is pro-Georgian. Obama is also very intellectual but he will never give such support as McCain will. I am sure Georgia will be McCain’s priority during his Presidency.”
Gaga, economist, 34