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Separatists ask for natural gas

Monday, November 3
Winter is approaching and the separatist regime in Tskhinvali has asked ITERA Georgia, a Russian supplier of gas to Georgia, to resume the provision of natural gas to the breakaway region.

So far the separatist regime leaders have refused to allow humanitarian assistance or even representatives of international organizations to enter their territory from Georgia, demanding that all such entry be made via Russia. But now they want gas it seems a different set of principles applies.

Economic analyst Gia Khukhashvili states that he does not know how the separatist regime has paid for the gas it has already consumed, and it is questionable whether it has paid for it at all. The Georgian authorities have so far have not identified how much gas money separatist South Ossetia has paid, how it has done it and to whom. So far they have avoided discussing this issue publicly or issuing further details about it.

The On Occupied Territories law adopted recently by the Georgian Parliament forbids the carrying out of any kind of business activity in the occupied territories. As stated, we possess no information on the existence of any kind of gas supply agreement or payment schedule between the separatists and ITERA Georgia. ITERA states that currently the pipeline is damaged, and thus it is technically impossible to supply the region with gas. Furthermore, its technical personnel are unable to enter the territory to carry out rehabilitation works.

The separatist leaders are trying to create a scandal, accusing Georgia of cutting the gas supply for the “citizens of South Ossetia.” Russian occupiers, meanwhile, are promising that they will supply the region with liquid gas.