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Turkish-Armenian border issues

Monday, November 3
As is known, in 1993 Turkey closed its border with Armenia due to the occupation of Karabakh and other Azeri territories by Armenia. Recently this issue has become the subject of intensive discussions in the political and diplomatic circles of both countries. Particularly after the act of ‘football diplomacy’ in which the Turkish President went to Yerevan to attend the World Cup qualifying match between the Turkey and Armenia national teams.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has initiated the Caucasus Peace and Stability Platform, which suggests that Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan settle their problems with the help of Turkey and Russia. Clearly, this approach is designed to facilitate the settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

Turkey has repeatedly confirmed that it would not open its borders to Armenia until the Karabakh conflict is resolved. This gesture is a token of Turkish brotherly relations with Azerbaijan. The latter, on its part, has once again stressed that the only principle on which the conflict can be resolved is the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. There is no other option whatever.

Yesterday trilateral talks to resolve the Karabakh conflict began in Moscow between Presidents Medvedev, Aliev and Sarkisian. Georgian political analysts predict however the meeting will not yield any serious results. They take the view that Russia is using these talks to cynically try and assure the West that it is not an interested party but an impartial mediator in the conflicts in the South Caucasus.