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What do you think about Georgia having a free trade regime with the EU and Turkey?

Tuesday, November 4
“I think the one with Turkey will be economically profitable for both parties. Turkey is our neighbour and a free trade regime will only serve to better our relations.”
Nika, student, 20

“Turkey has been our economic partner for many years. It is very important to have a free trade regime with them.”
Nani, housewife, 45

“I don’t know. If it is good for our country I will approve it. For me the most important thing in every political decision is how it will affect the life of common citizens.”
Tamari, teacher, 53

“Of course it will be good, especially now when we are in such a hard economic and political situation. We need to develop our relations with neighbouring countries.”
Ramazi, IT specialist, 33

“I think no, as soon as the free trade regime is launched, our markets will be filled with cheap and low-quality Turkish products. I think we have already more than enough now.”
Leri, photographer, 29

“My husband’s business is connected with Turkey, so personally for us free trade will be really beneficial.”
Lana, housewife, 39

“I am not an economic expert, so I cannot be sure, but I think it will be good for Georgia. Trade brings money, and free trade must bring more money, I believe.”
Soso, distributor, 29

“I am happy that Europe is concerned about the lives of Georgians. At last some real steps are being taken to help us. Free trade with Turkey and the European Union will help us overcome the results of the Russian embargo.”
Tamila, nurse, 41

“It is good, why not? I don’t think trade and, generally, economic relations can harm anyone’s interests. I think the Georgian government should use the support of foreign countries as much as possible.”
Lia, Accountant, 53