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Will Russia resolve the Karabakh issue and how?

Wednesday, November 5
“Russia is an aggressor country. We are already sure of this. Aggressors cannot solve any conflicts; on the contrary, they can only enkindle them.”
Gela, engineer, 47

“Russia tries to show the world that it is the guarantor of peace in the region. But everyone knows that it is the main agent of aggression and war in the Caucasus. I don’t know how it will solve the conflict. Perhaps it is just pretending it is going to change something.”
Nika, student 20

“I don’t think Russia is really able to resolve the Karabakh conflict. It depends on the compromises of the two sides involved in it.”
Giorgi, dentist, 31

“I don’t think Russia will resolve the Karabakh conflict, because in my opinion Armenia will not agree to the conditions. Armenia is the strategic partner of Russia at the same time. I have also read in the papers that Armenia will agree to return only buffer zones.”
Giorgi, Student, 20

“I really don’t have any idea about the, I think it is better to care about our own conflicts, than those of Armenia and Azerbaijan.”
Nana, Teacher, 38

“Well I must say I’m not a bit competent in political issues, but I think this is a very long and difficult case which needs proper political determination from the sides involved.”
Ann, actress, 24

“Russia has been trying to solve this problem for years, as I remember, but it still can’t manage it. Yes, it can of course solve anything by means of war, as it usually does.”
Levan, sociologist, 31