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Compiled by Inna Egieva
Thursday, November 6
Temur Iakobashvili says that Tskhinvali’s ‘facts’ are disinformation

24 Saati reports that the State Minister for Reintegration has said that information being broadcast about people from Ossetia currently living in Georgia is disinformation.

“The puppet Government of the Tskhinvali Region, supported by Russian sources, has spread disinformation about the ‘persecution’ of people from this region in Georgia. They have said that “persecuted people are leaving Georgia in big quantities.” These ‘facts’ are unreal!” said the Minister at a special press conference.

The Ministry considers that the statements have been made by the puppet Government of Tskhinvali to create misunderstandings between two nations which have been good neighbours for hundreds of years.

Labour objects to land for “loser” Generals

Sakartvelo Respublika reports that the Labour Party is raising objection to the Georgian Government buying up land and presenting it to “loser” generals.

The Labour Party’s Kakhaber Dzagania has said at a press briefing that the Government has apportioned 1,500 km of land in Tabakhmela for military personnel and sold it to them for the nominal price of 1 lari per person.

“Our Government is taking away land from poor people and giving it to Generals who ran from the battlegrounds like rabbits. We are protesting against this. All the Generals have been given land in Tabakhmela which is really valuable.” He added that Nino Burjanadze and judges have also been given land.

Angry Jondi

Sakartvelos Respublika writes that Jondi Bagaturia, leader of Kartuli Dasi has accused the Government of election rigging. Bagaturia has said that candidates of his party were leading in both the recent by-elections in Tbilisi, but the results as declared were completely different.

Bagaturia says that he has the video evidence which proves this rigging took place. He says the video demonstrates how the rigging was done, by one and the same man voting many times. In the near future Bagaturia will give a special briefing to discuss this issue.

‘Electricity Revolution’ to begin in Supsa

The population of Supsa has problems with electricity, writes Sakartvelos Respublika. Its Deputy Jumber Blagidze has said that the electric company doesn’t care about distribution in the area.

“The electricity revolution will start from Supsa. The population of this region is here and demands a meeting with the electric company head at the municipality. Energo-Pro Georgia doesn’t care about us, can’t we call their leader to the Council and ask him some questions?!” said the Deputy.

The Head of Lanchkhuti Council, Davit Petreashvili, stated that he and his managers had written letters many times but without success. “There are families with a 400-500 lari debt left without electricity. We demanded that the company allow these consumers to pay their debts in stages but it rejected our demand. In Tbilisi however this is possible,” said Petreashvili.