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Will the USA continue to support Georgia with Obama as President?

Thursday, November 6
“Changing Presidents does not mean a change of attitude towards Georgia, I am sure. Because Georgian-American relations are so firm the US won’t allow anyone to interfere in Georgia’s affairs more than it does.”
Giorgi, economist, 36

“I believe that the American election won’t influence the relations between our countries, but who knows, nobody can say with certainty.”
Nana, teacher, 32

“To my mind something will definitely change, because he is the new, young, and ambitious President of such big and powerful country as America. But I hope that, as in the past few years, America also will be a good friend of ours in future.”
Gogi, architect, 45

“In my opinion it will be better if something changes in American politics, I mean wars and so on. About our relationship I really don’t know what to say or think, time will tell.”
Tamari, nurse, 57

“I want to believe that nothing will change in the partnership between powerful America and such a small country as Georgia. We have big projects with America, or projects in the realization of which America will help us.”
Niko, economist, 48

“I really don’t know what to say or think, I have never kept my eyes on the political career of Barack Obama. But of course it would be better if our relationship didn’t change, or even became closer.”
Levani, student, 19