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Georgians trust USA

Friday, November 7
On the eve of the US Presidential elections polls were carried out in different countries, including Georgia, asking the question: “how important are the US Presidential elections for your country?” 81% of Georgians answered that these elections are very important. This is the greatest “yes” vote in any of the 21 countries.

Interestingly, 50% of respondents consider that the USA is the most reliable partner country for Georgia. 65% of Georgians like the USA and 68% respect it.

49% of Georgian respondents to the poll would have voted for McCain, and 27% Obama, as US President, which may be a reflection of the immediate and emotional support McCain gave Georgia during the August war. Among American citizens of Georgian origin however the proportions were more than reversed, with 78% saying they would vote for Obama and only 12% for McCain.