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Do you think Nino Burjanadze will become leader of the opposition?

Friday, November 7
“It’s very difficult to achieve consensus within the opposition parties because there are very many of them and their positions are confused. If they feel that they need Burjanadze, and this is so, then she may become their leader.”
Nika, accountant, 36

“Maybe, I think she has a big chance to become their leader.”
Keti, student, 20

“Well, the opposition is very weak today and has not got so many supporters. If Burjanadze unites all its parties of course the opposition becomes stronger but I think that’s a little bit unrealistic. If real opposition members join Burjanadze’s team, I will consider real opposition does not exist in Georgia!”
Maka, housewife, 41

“How can Georgian people support Burjanadze, when just a few months ago she was Saakashvili’s friend and ally. I don’t believe her intentions are genuine. I am sure she will not get support from the people.”
Tea, cardiologist, 35

“Burjanadze always achieves what she wants to, she will gain the support of people who are very disappointed today. She is believed to be an honest and intelligent woman. I will vote for her if she runs in the elections.”
Luiza, pensioner, 62

“Everyone in this country is an opposition leader, at least many people claim to be. Burjanadze of course will be among them. I don’t think she will be able to make any changes in Georgia, as the Government is very strong.”
Gia, engineer, 51