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Compiled by Inna Egieva
Friday, November 7
GEL 500 for freedom

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that Abkhazian police in the Zugdidi region are demanding a paymentof GEL 500 before releasing 70 year old Mr. Dzadzamia.

Police caught Dzadzamia illegally crossing the frontier and demanded he pay the fine. Our sources say that the fine is about GEL 500, but the prisoner could be released after paying GEL 300.

The people of Gali are leaving

The situation is very tense in the Gali region, Sakartvelos Respublika writes. People from Gali have started to move to the Zugdidi region. They have decided to leave their homes after the occupation of the village by Russian and Abkhazian forces and the kidnapping of about 10 men for unknown reasons. 10 of the 40 families previously living in Gali have already left the village.

It has been discovered that during the last week 14 seized men were taken in the direction of Gali and Gudauta, 10 of these being younger than 23 years. The Zugdidi and Gali administrational border, controlled by the Abkhazians, is mined.

Election will be rerun in Khelvachauri

24 Saati reports that in Khelvachauri region a new proportional election will be held on 16 November, and a new majoritarian (first-past-the-post) election on 14 December. This decision has been made by the Central Election Commission.

Following an observersí report, the results from all election districts in Khelvachauri and ten in Shuakhevi have been annulled due to breaches of election procedure. Although the opposition asked for the fresh elections to be held in January, the CEC did not agree.

Human Rights Watch refutes genocide claim

Rezonansi reports that international organization Human Rights Watch has not confirmed the Russian accusation of a genocide of the Ossetian people by Georgia.

The organization has said that ethnic cleansing by both sides was observed, but there was no evidence of genocide.

Semneby answers Shamba

24 Saati reports that the special representative of the EU in the Caucasus, Peter Semneby, has said that European Union representatives are entitled to patrol the whole of the Caucasus, even the conflict regions, but are not able to fulfil their mandate.

After a meeting with the head of the Committee of Civil Integration, Gia Arsenishvili, Peter Semneby said that he didnít know when they would be able to observe all Georgian territories.

A few days previously de facto Abkhaz Foreign Minister Sergey Shamba had stated that the Government of Abkhazia would not allow EU representatives to enter their territory.