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Do you think that protest rallies will have an effect on the Government?

Monday, November 10
“No, the rallies haven’t brought anything good to Georgia yet, so I don’t think that they will now.”
Merabi, businessman, 49

“The Government did nothing when there were tens of thousands of people at the rally last year, so I don’t think they will react now, when there are not as many people as in 2007.”
Lika, designer, 30

“I think yes, Saakashvili’s power is not so strong now, if the opposition will unite and continue to press him, something will change in Georgia.”
Keti, manager, 37

“Politics in Georgia is not made on the streets, the Government will do what the West tells it, so I don’t think there is any sense in rallies.”
Giorgi, student, 23

“Well I must confess that I don’t very much rely on our opposition parties, which are the main organizers of protest rallies in Georgia, but if they do their best to overcome the obstacles they will meet on their way and keep to their straight decisions, not only the rallies, but other forms of protest may have an effect on any Government.”
Khatuna, office manager, 30

“Rallies have been popular in many countries abroad; in some places they do have a good effect on Government, but in others, like Georgia, they don’t. The Rose Revolution was the only successful rally, which had an effect, and it should have done then but subsequently served as a good lesson not to do such things any more. This is my personal opinion.”
Tamuna, student, 23

“I’m afraid that the Georgian Government has crossed all the boundaries of normal political governance and is not afraid of any obstacles the Georgian population may present them with any more.”
Vakhtang, economist, 48

“No one will influence our Government unless a kind of scenario is planned. Otherwise we are absolutely helpless despite all kinds of protests. I don’t trust the Georgian opposition since November 2007 when they couldn’t organize a very serious rally. I’m sure they wanted all the best for our country then, but now they are just trying for their own advantage.”
Gvantsa, student, 20