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In which currency would you save money?

Tuesday, November 11
“Of course money must be kept in the currency which is the most stable. Several years ago we were saving money in USD, but now it is very unstable and people have decided to keep their money in any other currency”
Ketevan, teacher, 47

“Nowadays, when the economy of Georgia is improving, to my mind, the most clever idea is to save money in GEL, as all currencies are changing for the worse.”
Giorgi, architect, 52

“Today there is a very complex situation in Georgia, and it is rare to meet people who have extra money which can be saved. But if they have, I think this money should be kept in GEL. Some years ago everyone was keeping money in USD, then in Euro, but now both currencies are losing value”
Nino, economist, 42

“Well I don’t know lots of things about the currency rate in different countries, but I feel the British Pound Sterling is the most solid currency ever. Thus I would prefer to save in this one.”
Salome, student, 22

“I would save money in Euro. It seems to be the most stable currency nowadays.”
Levan, economist, 31

“I think the Euro is the most stable. I have no money to save, but I would just choose this one.”
Natia, teacher, 27

“I work two different jobs, in one of them they pay me in Lari, and the other in Dollars, so I keep savings in both those currencies. I don’t keep them in only one currency, because rates have become unpredictable.”
Tako, journalist, 23

“I don’t have any savings, but if I had, I would keep them in Euros, because I think it is the most reliable currency right now.”
Keti, PR specialist, 50

“I save money in USD, because other currencies are not stable in Georgia. But unfortunately I don’t have much money to save.”
Teona, manager, 24