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How do you rate the President’s policy in selecting his leadership?

Wednesday, November 12
“Well I hate politics, and I am not at all interested in it; perhaps the way the President selects his leadership is correct more or less.”
Natia, teacher, 25

“Well I am not competent in this question so it would be better if you ask people who are more closely connected with politics.”
Nino, student, 20

“I think the President chooses very incompetent people to surround him. His policy is something like to create disorganization within the country. I have never approved of his choices at all.”
Misha, economist, 42

“The President is not interested in the public mind at all. He always does whatever he likes. So it doesn’t make any difference what ordinary citizens think of his policy. He just doesn’t care about anybody’s view.”
Giorgi, sociologist, 26

“I accept nothing our President has ever done. He may have a good educational background, work experience as they say, but I think he is not sufficiently competent in ruling the country. His leaders are almost the same as he is; they seem to be incompetent and unprofessional too.”
Tamara, pensioner, 67