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Do you support the amnesty of prisoners?

Thursday, November 13
“Sure! Many people are in prison for minor crimes and the Government should give them a chance to reintegrate in society and live in a better way than they used to.”
Keti, student, 19

“Yes I do, because there are too many prisoners nowadays in Georgia and I would be happier if more prisoners would be released, those who are not serious criminals of course.”
Zura, musician, 26

“I’ve just heard that my 20-year-old friend will be released by 23 of November and I am very glad because he was in jail without committing any kind of crime.”
Mariam, photographer, 24

“Yes I do support it, as I think if a person who committed a minor crime is behaving well in prison and has shown he's ready to change his way of living he/she must be given an amnesty.”
Gia, lecturer, 43

“The most important thing for me is not to release killers and criminals, as for other people I welcome their release.”
Ketevan, nurse, 37

“I support an amnesty, because many innocent people have been sent to jail in these years. It is good if the Government releases prisoners who are under 18.”
Tsiala, accountant, 49

“I hope that my cousin will be among those released, he was arrested for nothing, so I think he deserves to be freed. I was very happy to hear the news.”
Nino, medical student, 25

“It’s good, I hope the Government will keep its promise and really release those people. And I hope that the amnesty will not be just a one-off action.”
Kakha, civil engineer, 58