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Compiled by Salome Modebadze
Wednesday, November 19
Perevi should be vacated by Russians and Ossetians

The EU Observer Mission admits that military posts in the Sachkhere region are still occupied by Russian troops, Sakartvelos Respublika writes. The EU expressed its concern for the safety of the population of Perevi at the Russian-European summit in Nice on November 14.

The Observer Mission announced that Ossetian occupiers in these positions have increased tension and most people have had to leave the village. The EU maintains that the Perevi post and the village itself are outside South Ossetia and should thus be vacated by both Russian and Ossetian formations.

Pardon Commission still broadening

Akhali Taoba reports that Gia Arsenishvili has joined the Pardon Commission, The President having issued a special order concerning this matter. The quota of both opposition and majority members on this Commission has already risen.

The Chair of the Pardon Commission remains Elene Tevdoradze. Sozar Subari is also a member. Commission meetings are held three times a year, and agreements it makes are sent to the President for decision.

The members of the Pardon Commission are discussing the cases of 161 prisoners. They will possibly be pardoned by the end of the year.

Mgaloblishvili visits Racha

Grigol Mgaloblishvili, the Georgian Prime Minister, has visited Racha, Sakartvelos Respublika writes.

The Prime Minister has become acquainted with the current situations in Ambrolauri and Oni. Mgaloblishvili visited a newly-opened school in Khvanchkara, which was damaged by an earthquake in 90s and only recently restored. The Prime Minister also surveyed the strengthening activity near the bus terminal in Ambrolauri and heard that a new pouring line is due to be established at the Bugeuli wine factory.

Amnesty clauses dispute

Dimitry Lortkipanidze has stated that there is a serious rise in the number of diseases in prisoners, as mentioned in Sozar Subari’s report, Akhali Taoba writes. He suggests non-governmental organizations should be invited meet with the authorities and discuss the main principles of how prisoners are being cared for.

“I’ve been informed that Aldagi BCI has insured prisoners for treatment. There is a terrible situation in the first jail of the Penalty Execution Department; the number of prisoners is too high and thus they are in awful conditions. There are almost the same problems in Rustavi.

“The recently-announced amnesty concerns prisoners convicted under particular paragraphs of the criminal code. I think other paragraphs should also be included. This is a quite logical demand, as we are talking about less serious crimes. We should do our best to release as many of such prisoners as possible”, Lortkipanidze noted.

Labour “a Russian agency”

Shalva Natelashvili’s statement about starting negotiations with Russian political groups didn’t come as a surprise for some members of the Georgian Parliament, Sakartvelos Respublika reports.

The Chair of the Defence and Security Parliamentary Committee, Givi Targamadze, has stated that Natelashvili has put his political group beyond the pale. “Shalva Natelashvili has long been anathema for people with an understanding of politics. It’s good that he has finally admitted this himself. I’m all for giving everything its proper name. The Labour Party has been a Russian agency for ages,” Targamadze stated.