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Do you think Georgia is losing the information war with Russia?

Wednesday, November 19
“When the war started all the media, international or Georgian, except Russian, was supporting Georgia and criticizing Russia for its aggression. But now, I don’t know why, the Western media has changed its attitude and has published some articles saying Georgia started the war and things like that. So, I think Russia bribed many news agencies or well-known newspapers.”
Gaga, student, 22

“It was always this way, from the beginning of August. We didn't have enough information about this, and our media space worked to ensure we had a lack of information about this, so we lost the media war with Russia, though many don't want to admit this.”
Ana, manager, 27

“I don't think that we lost the information war with Russia, as we see that almost the whole world is on Georgia's side. CNN, AND, BBC, the leading TV companies are always on Georgia's side, which means that they support us, they support our ideas and believe the information that comes from Georgia is trustful and real. But I should mention that many international journalists were victims of this war.”
Sophie, accountant, 35

“Georgia has lost the war with Russia in every respect, including the information war. It is funny to think that we would be able to beat Russia.”
Tamriko, cashier, 27

“If we judge from the support we are getting from foreign countries, it is obvious that we have won the information war with Russia. We won it because we are right in this conflict.”
Geno, businessmen, 45

“I think Georgia fights quite successfully in this field. Unfortunately we lost the real war with Russia. Everyone can clearly see what happened in August. Maybe Putin manages to hide the truth from his people but other countries won’t be cheated.”
Gvantsa, student, 20

“Unfortunately Georgia seems to have lost the information war as well. International society is doubtful about who started the war. It certainly isn’t good for the image of the country and in some way we are guilty of changing public opinion so vividly.”
Beso, journalist, 24

“Georgia lost in every way to Russia. The failure was inevitable from the beginning. That’s why I think we shouldn’t have rejected provocations.”
Vaja, pensioner, 65