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Bakula’s Pigs squeak again

Wednesday, November 26
The Mikheil Tumanishvili Theatre has begun its thirtieth season with a performance of Bakula’s Pigs, a play first directed by Mikheil Tumanishvili himself 30 years ago when he established the theatre. This famous piece by David Kldiashvili, written more than 100 years ago, was dramatized and brilliantly staged by the famous director. He conveyed the story through a panoply of actors who expressed typical modes of Georgian character as a satire on Georgian society through three periods of its development, Tsarist Russia, Communist Georgia and independent Georgia.

The play is a continually relevant commentary on the Georgia of any age, as is demonstrated by the character of the Russian official, whose behaviour towards Georgians is instantly recognizable for people of any level of experience, despite being put on paper a century ago. The actors were of the highest standard, and the audience applauded enthusiastically for many minutes, expressing their satisfaction and delight.

The Messenger staff hail the Artistic Director of the theatre, Keti Dolidze, who has been recently promoted to Director-in-Chief, and hope she will keep the theatre’s bar of achievements as high as possible, as she has proved with all her activities and by keeping this performance alive that she is well equipped to do so.