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Do you think many people would want to have Georgian citizenship?

Wednesday, November 26
“I think lots of people would want to become a part of our country. Why not? Georgia is a traditional country with a long and interesting history.”
solda, pensioner 64

“I’m sure our emigrants, who have been away for ages, would of course want to regain their lost citizenship”.
Viacheslav, military serviceman, 45

“I think not many people will express this wish, because this is an underdeveloped country in spite of the fact many of our politician call our country a developing one. We havea politically unstable situation and all the time we are on the brink of war. Also, we have a terrible social situation here: poverty blooms.”
Nino, student, 22

“If a foreigner has a link with our country, I mean those in mixed families, when one spouse is Georgian and another a foreigner, he or she might want to become a citizen of Georgia, but such people are few.”
Madona, teacher, 43

“Who would wish to be a citizen of such a poor country? I think no one.”
Manana, pensioner, 68

“I think Georgia is a very exotic country for foreigners. It would be nice if people of other nationalities received citizenship of Georgia.”
Maka, student, 22