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Thursday, November 27
Kaczynski accuses Sarkozy of making concessions with regard to Russia

Criticizing French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski has accused him of being “concessional” towards Russia.

Commenting on the incident which occurred in Akhalgori district on Sunday, Lech Kaczynski said: “I put in an unpleasant position those European politicians who only make concessions with regard to Russia.” When asked whether he meant the French President the Polish Head of State said: “You said it. We all know who we are talking about.”

Lech Kaczynski pointed out that his visit to Akhalgori “showed the world that the Russians do not abide by the agreement signed in August. The statements that the agreement is being implemented arise from a certain philosophy: first to make concessions to Russia, second to make concessions to Russia and third, to make concessions to Russia. And the fourth? To make concessions to Russia again!” Kaczynski emphasized.

The Polish President claimed again that it had been the Russian side shooting in Akhalgori. “It was said to be a post of “Ossetians,” but Russians have controlled the territory since August 7. That’s why you shouldn’t me whether Ossetians or Russians fired. It was units of the Russian Armed Forces,” the Polish President said. (Black Sea Press)

Yakobashvili says Georgia should start looking for new ways of NATO integration

Georgia’s State Minister for Reintegration, Temur Yakobashvili, believes it is high time to search for new mechanisms to achieve Georgia and Ukraine’s integration into NATO.

Yakobashvili told journalists, “MAP has become a politicized theme. We should stop concentrating on MAP. Other creative approaches should be found for integration into NATO,” the State Minister said, giving the examples of a number of states which became Alliance members without having been granted a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP). (Black Sea Press)

25 facilities to be transferred to the Georgian Patriarchate

About 25 facilities will be transferred to the Patriarchate of Georgia for a symbolic price, the Prime Minister of Georgia, Grigol Mgaloblishvili, told journalists at the Government sitting on Wednesday. According to the Georgian PM, the Government will contribute to strengthening the authority and influence of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

According to Ekaterine Sharashidze, Minister of Economic Development of Georgia, the facilites to be placed under the control of the Patriarchate of Georgia are located in Martvili, Khulo, Tskaltubo, Zugdidi, Ninotsminda, Kobuleti, Khelvachauri, Khobi, Kazbegi, Bolnisi, Dusheti and Rustavi. (Black Sea Press)

Latvia not to respond to Georgia’s call for Sochi Olympic boycott

Latvia is not going to boycott the Sochi -2014 Winter Olympic Games regardless of Georgia’s appeal, Andris Teikmanis, Ambassador of Latvia to Russia, told journalists at a news conference in Moscow.

“As for the Olympic Games, we do not plan not to participate in them. According to the Olympic anthem - sport is peace. Let sportsmen be engaged in sports activities,” the Latvian diplomat said when asked whether Latvia was going to support Georgian lawmakers’ idea of boycotting the Sochi Olympic Games.

The Georgian Parliament’s Commission on Sport and Youth Affairs appealed to the Sports Commission of the Seim of Latvia on Tuesday regarding this matter. (Black Sea Press)