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Which is the most acute problem Georgia currently faces which should be solved?

Thursday, November 27
“Of course the most serious problem in Georgia is territorial unity. I’m sure someday a future Government will be able to do something and reunite the country again, but as I see it, it is almost impossible at the moment.”
Lamara, housewife, 57

“Poverty is the main problem in Georgia. Neither Shevardnadze nor Saakashvili managed to solve it, though both of them used to promise the people they they would improve their condition before the elections. I think this is the most pressing problem and must be solved immediately.”
Nana, accountant, 41

“The problems are so many that I can hardly name only one of them. A lot of people live in poverty; the country has acquired new refugees and lost even more territories. Shall I go on or is this enough?”
Mari, student, 18

“Nowadays Georgia is in a very bad position. We have been attacked by a big country, by Russia. The only income he have is the help of Europe.”
Marina, doctor, 33

“We have one great problem. It is Russia, and I think Russia is the world’s problem.”
Natia, student, 21

“I don’t know, you can name any one of them.”
Khatuna, engineer, 44

“Georgia lives a lie, pretending to be a democracy when it is not. Unless you address this, you cannot make any progress in other areas, so this needs to be fixed before you can tackle other problems.”
Slava, consultant, 46