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Compiled by Ernest Petrosyan
Monday, December 1
Head of Kaczynski’s security dismissed due to Akhalgori incident

Due to the recent incident in Akhalgori in which shots were fired near a motorcade carrying the Presidents of Georgia and Poland, the head of the Polish President’s security team, Colonel Krzysztof Olszowiec, has been dismissed Rezonansi writes. According to Ria-Novosti the head of the Bureau of Government Security General Marian Yaniczki fired the head of the President’s security despite President Kaczynski’s objection. This decision was explained by the fact that the President’s security whilst visiting Georgia had been compromised. Consent for firing the head of security was issued by the Polish Prime Minister.

United States will insure its ships in the Black Sea

US President George Bush has signed an order to “avoid the risks of trading losses and damages related to possible military actions in the Black Sea”, Akhali Taoba reports. The US Minister of Transport is thus authorized to insure US commercial ships with special Government funds.

“The Minister of Transport is responsible for informing all ship owners and management organizations operating under the US flag of this decision,” the document signed by the US President says.

There are no reasons elucidated in the document as to why the US President has ordered US trading ships in the Black Sea to be insured against military risks. No provocation can justify the Russian aggression

Sakartvelos Respublika writes that according to Danish Prime Minister Anders Rasmussen, who is currently visiting Georgia, no provocation, even if initiated by the Georgian side, can justify the aggression and intervention of Russia this August.

Rasmussen stated this at a meeting with the Parliamentary minority. He condemned Russian actions, advocated Georgia’s integration into the North Atlantic Alliance and unequivocally supported the territorial integrity of Georgia.

Ossetian origin Georgian businessman killed in Moscow

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that Georgian businessman Oleg Avlokashvili has been killed in downtown Moscow, citing Ekho Moskvi.

According to the Ria-Novosti agency, policemen discovered the businessman’s car crashed into a tree with about ten bullet holes in the driver’s side door. The police say the incident looks like murder.

37 year old Avlokhashvili had previously lived in Ossetia, where he was the General Director of Industrial Production. A few years ago he moved to Moscow. Avlokhashvili owned several offices which he hired out, the agency says. In Moscow it is not excluded that the incident is connected with Avlokhashvili’s alleged relations with the criminal world.

Gas supplied to Samtredia village

Georgian Minister of Energy Aleksandrer Khetaguri has inspected the gas supply restoration works in Samtredia, Sakartvelos Respublika writes.

In the Samtredia region village of Etseri, Khetaguri and the Imereti Governor Mikheil Chogovadze lit Genadi Inasaridze’s gas cooker. Khetaguri said that the Presidential programme “Gas in every village,” under which the works had been undertaken, would continue.