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How convincing were President Saakashvili’s answers to the Parliamentary war Commission?

Monday, December 1
"The President was absolutely sincere in his statements, and his desire to blame Russia was absolutely normal as long as there was no one else to blame except Russia. As for those, blaming Saakashvili for being provoked, just let them think, was there any other option? I would say the same, NO."
Tengiz, driver, 54

“Well, he always tries to be convincing in every speech and to tell the truth he manages to do it perfectly, but when I was listening him I had the impression that he did not answer the asked questions directly. There were some things omitted in his answers.”
Marika, housewife, 34

“I think Saakashvili's answers were quite convincing and made many things clear. Him being questioned was a really good idea.”
Zura, musician, 22

“I watched Saakashvili’s speech from beginning to end but I still couldn’t understand anything he said. He didn’t answer the questions the members of the Commission asked him.”
Neli, teacher, 49

“Actually it looked more like a speech than a questioning. He just got a chance to be a demagogue in a five hour live broadcast.”
Lamara, dentist, 35

“There was nothing new, he repeated the things he has said a thousand times already. I don’t believe a word he says.”
Irakli, student, 20

“Misha had a chance to answer all the accusations that have been appearing in the country recently. He was quite sure of himself, but he said nothing interesting or new.”
Revaz, technician, 31

“Saakashvili talked about everything and nothing at the same time. He seemed to be afraid of giving more particular answers.”
Vano, engineer, 51

“I didn’t watch his speech at all because he always says one and the same thing and I’m already bored with listening to it.”
Gvantsa, student, 20