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Do you think NATO membership is so important?

Wednesday, December 3
“Well, NATO is a worldwide organization which gives lots of advantages to each member country or even those with a chance of membership. I’m not very competent to discuss this issue but as I understand it is certainly important.”
Achiko, footballer, 26

“The membership of any international organizations is very important because you must be part of an international community if you want to coexist with other countries. Membership of NATO is useful, as we can help each other, but it's not a real partnership as NATO welcomes only militarily strong countries.”
Nino, sociologist, 42

“I think each country should be strong enough to exist without the international community’s help. As our country is still developing such foreign intervention is an essential part of creating further prosperity and recognition for Georgia.”
Levan, architect, 35

“I don’t think NATO or other such organizations are important for our country. I don’t even see the reason for this suggestion.”
Sopo, teacher, 29

“We are a small country, and it’s important to have a lot strong countries behind us. We will feel stronger both politically and economically.”
Nana, sociologist, 25

“It's important, because NATO could defend us from enemies...but nowadays it's very difficult to become a member of NATO.”
Natia, student, 20

“Of course it is important. Georgia is a small country. NATO’s support will help us resist provocations and be a guarantee of peace.”
Lasha student, 22

“NATO membership is crucial at the given time. August events proved that our northern neighbour is a big danger for us. I don’t think the chances of our joining NATO are high but I think if it happens it will be the greatest success in the history of Georgia.”
Dali, engineer, 40

“NATO is a strong alliance and for such a small country as Georgia, such a partner is very important.”
Elene, student, 23